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Premium Membership

Spend more, pay less!

We offer customers of Dukun Indonesia premium membership, which allows you to pay less for your purchases.

Customers who spent over $500 in our online store are eligible for premium membership and a Bronze Discount Card, which grants them 5% discount on future purchases.

When customers spend more than $1000, their Bronze Membership will be automatically upgraded to Silver Membership, and they are eligible for a Silver Discount Card, which grants them 10% discount on future purchases.

Once customers have reached a total amount of $2000 in our online store, their premium membership will be upgraded to Gold Membership, and they automatically become eligible for a Gold Discount Card, which grants them 20% discount on future sales.

The information on discount cards can be found in the table below.

Type of discount card

Total amount spent

Discount on future purchases










When the customer reaches a certain amount of money ($500, $1000 or $2000) spent in our online store, a new type of discount card will be granted, which also replaces the old card.

Premium Membership

Note: premium membership discount cards have unlimited validity. However, at any moment a customer can hold only one type of discount card.